Good morning, all.

It starts with pretty warm weather here in Marina del Rey, California. By the way, I got three ‘liked’ from another bloggers and one comment from my hubby on my post  since I uploaded yesterday. Forget about comment that my hubby left but the three ‘liked’. Where comes from those people except one ‘liked’ by my hubby? How did they find my post? It was so excited my blog is being seen out there in the world. Yes, I said world! I know some of you might think it’s not a big deal at all to have three ‘liked’ for one post. But as a newbie blogger here, it makes me super excited and keep posting and having a communication with other bloggers.

This morning I told my teacher about my new-born blog. He seemed kind of curious and excited to read what I wrote about for the first post. Do you think I might have a very first follower? I hope so! Who else wants join? Yay! 😉

Today I have one card to share with you all. I made this card for my older brother who lives in Korea to celebrate his birthday which was the last month. Seriously I had no idea what’s his taste so I just made it simple and clean. Then do think I sent it to him by mail? For some reason, this card is still staying with me. Lol!

To make this card, I started with stamping on a white card stock. The stamps that I used are the Stampin’ Up retired stamp set which is Send a Celebration set. I got 6 stamp sets for almost free at the Melrose market in LA a few months ago. (Of course I paid some money for that.) It’s such a treasure hunt for me being around a stack of stamp. Can you imagine how happy I was? I’d like to go back again and buy some other time. The craziness to want more and more stamps seems never stopping forever. 😉 It’s almost feel like standing in a walking closet to find what I’ll wear for today. I already have closet packed with so many clothes, but always I feel there is no clothes to wear for now. Do you have same feelings with me? Hope I’m not the only one person to feel that way.

Back to the card, I used paper-piecing skill for this card. I stamped again on a patterned paper and traced/trimmed it with scissors. Then I did some coloring onto the candles and applied the diamond stickles on the top of star. After that, I made it popped up with dimensional adhesive. That’s all. It’s pretty simple, isn’t it?

Hope you find some inspirations from my card and see you again. Happy crafting!

May Park

3 thoughts on “Celebrate – birthday card

  1. Congratulations, May!

    Your work looks great! I’m following your blog as of today.

    So that people can see another part of your process, I suggest you upload one of your sketches from “Paper” on the iPad. (Maybe DJ could help you with that . . .)

    Keep it up!

    — H A L ☮ ♥

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