It’s June Gloom here in southern California which is not good. It means every morning I start my day with cloudy weather, sometimes it goes all day long. Who likes to see gray sky the whole morning? At least I’m not. So today I’m in the mood of brightness and colors which leads me to upload one specific card that I made for my friend’s mother.

It’s a birthday card again! I think the birthday is the most common occasion in the world, so why not with card making? Last Christmas season, I got the inspiration from Michelle’s blog and made similar one with her card. I used lots of paper flowers instead of sparkling snowflakes. Definitely it is a great idea to have a wreath in your card with variations depending on the occasions and seasons.

I didn’t punched all the tiny flowers at once but for months. Here is one tip to repurpose your scraps of paper wisely. I almost keep my paper leftovers from the work. First I organize the paper by sizes and colors, then clip and put it away in the box. Sometimes there are papers with irregular shapes or too small to clip it. For those things, it’s time to punch out your scraps with punches, circle, flower, star, heart, butterfly that you already have. After that I keep all the positive parts from the punching in my plastic zip lock bag in order to see inside and find easily whenever I’m in need of them. Do you like my idea? At least try it out once and you must like it for sure.

The most challenging part was choosing the right ribbon that did fit on this card. I almost tried five or six different types of ribbons and it’s still not satisfying to me. Maybe it’s time to go ribbon shopping? I feel kind of bored with ribbons that I shopped a few years ago. Does anyone know the best place to buy ribbons for card making? If you so, please let me know.

That’s all. I love my wreath-theme card with variety of flowers except ribbon attached. I probably will make one more card following exactly same layout and theme this afternoon. What are you woking on today? I’d like to hear from you what projects you have in your mind.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you get some inspirations from my card.

May Park

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