*Yay! This card was chosen as the Winner of the CAS-ual Fridays Challenge #56. So my card was featured in the winner post found here. Thank You Ladies!*

Good evening, all y’all. It’s been a super busy week so far. Whew… Now I finally got back to my work table with CAS-ual Fridays challenge. Literally it would be my first challenge ever in my entire craft life. Can you hear my heart beating? I’m so thrilled and anxious at the same time to participate in this challenge for the first time.

This is the card that I made for the challenge and it took me two days. Yes, I said two days! CAS-ual Fridays challenge has a few rules to follow, and this week we are supposed to create a Clean and Simple project using polka dots. While I was working on this card, I realized how difficult a clean and simple card is to make. I thought a NOT Clean&Simple card would be much easier for me. Usually I’d love to put every stamping and embellishment all together onto the card, believing in more is better. But in this case, I should take off any embellishments which are not necessary. Less is more as long as it has polka dots in it. It’s still so difficult for me, though. That’s why we call it a CHALLENGE, right?

To make the card front, I used the Silhouette SD cutting machine for creating the polka-dotted background. Seriously, it was a time-consuming job to create the design that I wanted and cut neatly without messy parts. I wasted about 10 papers for just one sheet of polka dots circles. I have no idea why my Silhouette machine doesn’t work well at cutting papers cleanly even though it’s a still new one. Probably I’m not using it properly or following the manual. Maybe…

Back to the card: for sentiment, I did heat embossing with white powder and doodle-stitching with a white gel pen along the banner. Before I attached the banner with dimensional adhesive, I bent it smoothly with my fingertips to give it kind of a fun look, since this card seemed too simple at that time. After that, I made a fake stitching line with a tracing wheel which is my brand new tool.

That’s all I’d like to share with you today. Hope you like my polka dot card as much as I do. 😉 One more thing to say, wish me good luck to win this challenge. Good night!

May Park

Here are two more cards which I can’t submit to the challenge because they’re not good enough to be in it.

Sorry, there is still one more card from my hubby. He was too eager to be part of this challenge more than I wanted. So he finished his card a few days earlier than I did. Then he wanted me to upload his card on my blog, because we need a link to participate in the challenge. I know he needs his own blog this time.

Eventually I added his card on my blog, because I think he deserves to be here and it’s also funny to share with you all. What do you think? Actually he was sure he’d win first place once he submitted his card to the challenge. Do you agree with him? Who knows! haha!

21 thoughts on “Just Saying Hello-Polka Dots Card

  1. Wowza! Your circle card is stunning!! (So are your other two cards, by the way!) I can’t believe this is your first challenge, so happy you gave it a try, you are awesome! Your patience with the circle cutting on your Silhouette paid off, it looks amazing! Thanks for playing along with us at CAS-ual Fridays this week!

    p.s. Your husband’s card is super cute too, very whimsical and fun! It’s neat to see how different your cards are! 🙂

    1. Thanks Angie for your compliment about my humble cards. And also my hubby must like your comment. lol! I’m so glad to be part of your challenge and looking forward to see the next challenge!

  2. I LOVE your card! It’s stunning! This was my first submission to the CAS-ual Friday challenge (yay for newbies!) and it was such fun! I can’t wait to see the next challenge!

  3. May, this is fabulous!! I love that you designed your polka dotted background for your card front! Super fabulous! Your banner sentiment rocks, too! So glad you could play along this week at CAS-ual Fridays! Hope to see you again!

  4. Oh. My. Goodness!! I’m so excited you came to play! Your card is outstanding! I love how creative you got with the polka dots and the way you gave motion to your sentiment banner. Love it 🙂 glad you played with us at CAS-ual Fridays!

  5. This is stunning, I love the gradient in the size of the dots as you move to the edge of the circle. Certainly well worth the time to work out the pattern :0)
    They’re all fabulous.
    So glad you shared your creativity with us this week at CASual Fridays :0)
    Jenny x

  6. I agree with others, this is stunning! super clean and neat!
    I really love the ways you creat different size of circles around heart
    and you put together white and red. Those two colors are always my favorite combination.
    Congrats for winning the challenge.

  7. Congratulations for your great news!!!
    I knew you could win this challenge!!
    That card is fabulous for sure!!
    I’m glad the judges could see how great this card is!
    메이홀릭님이 완전 자랑스러워요!!!

  8. I’m so excited for you! Your card is really the best and it’s so cool that this was your very first challenge and you worked so very hard and you won!!!! It’s so awesome! I love the other cards, too, very much and think they certainly WERE good enough to enter! Congratulations! (I liked hubby’s card, too!)

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