Hi, all. I’ve been dancing on a cloud with excitement since I won the challenge at CAS-ual Fridays last week. Thank you SO much to all my friends and visitors who sent me a lot of congratulations. I know it’s definitely not the end of my crafting career, but it’s a chance for me to put myself into the work harder than ever. It seems my excitement won’t fade away from me for a while, though. 😉

So before it’s gone, I’d like to share my happiness with paper flowers that I made several months ago. I got some inspiration from Claire’s blog, and I started trying to make them right after I saw her artwork. Of course my first try didn’t look like the picture(above) at all. Even though Claire showed me how to make paper flowers with detailed photos on her post, I still had difficulty finding my own way to get it done.

Whew… For some reason, it’s so difficult for me to understand instruction manuals which even have pictures in it. Is anyone in the same shoes as I am? That’s why I’ve never read the manuals after I’ve gotten new technologies such as a MacBook, a Silhouette SD, a FUJI X10, an iPhone, and so on. Oh, sorry! I think I strayed off the topic. 😉

Hey, now I’m back to my project. For making paper flowers, we need a tiny circle punch, a glue gun, a flower punch, paper, wire, and floral tape. The most challenging and irritating part was sticking the wire with hot glue to the back side of the paper flowers. If anyone wants to try it out, I strongly recommend that you visit Claire’s blog to see the whole process. I’m sure you’ll understand it even though it’s Korean. At least you can figure out what Korean letters look like compared with English or other languages.

As you can see in the photo, I put my paper flowers in a beautiful vase which I got from Anthropologie on sale. Isn’t it gorgeous? If you were to visit my place and see it a closer view, you would want to get it and put it on your table. Then it would stay with you forever. If so, why don’t you try to make them yourself this weekend? Looking forward to seeing your work! By the way, I’m going to enter my paper flowers into the Make It Monday #104 for sharing with other ladies.

That’s all I have for you today. Hope you like my paper flowers and get some ideas from my blog. Have a great Father’s day weekend!

May Park

9 thoughts on “Paper Flowers in a Vase

  1. Beautiful, beautiful vase and flowers! Congrats on the CAS-ual Fridays win, it is a hard one to nail! Thank you for joining our Shaping Up blog hop, May, hope you can find some time to create a shape card, I know it is going to be amazing! Happy Crafting!

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Nina. I almost forget about creating a shape card, and since you remind me, I’ll try to make it by July 30. Officially it would be my first shape card, and I’m kind of nervous. 😉

  2. Love the white flowers! In that vase at first, I didn’t know I was looking at homemade flowers. Great work on these.

    Thank you for another wonderful entry at Make It Monday.

  3. I saw your beautiful creation on Make It Monday and had to visit and take a closer look. Gorgeous! TFS!
    My entries are: #159, #162, #212 and #214.
    I would love to have you visit my blog!

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