Hi peeps!  How was your Wednesday? I started yesterday super early in the morning with a sharp and quick earthquake. Yes, I live in Marina del Rey, CA. It was a 3.8 magnitude earthquake which is the strongest one I’ve experienced. Then later my hubby suggested that we upgrade our emergency preparedness kit in case of a more serious situation than we expect. There is no doubt it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Right? I hope I never have a chance to use the emergency backpack I keep in my car. Knock on wood!

Okay, now it’s time for sharing my cards with you all!  It’s been a month since I created an I love you card last June. Really? I can’t believe that I didn’t make any cards for one month. So today I’ll show you two cards at once that I made yesterday using a different style and technique I haven’t tried for a while. (Actually it was my second try.) It was a very challenging job to work on it, because I made my own backing paper from scratch. I got the whole process from Miyake’s blog, and it’s all about creating your own background paper with alcohol inks.

Do you want to know how I created my own paper? First, I applied a few colors of Adirondack alcohol inks, snow cap mixative, and blending solution with a blending tool onto the sheet of Kraft Glassine paper. Then I dried it with a heat gun so that the paper would have a sandy texture since it’s a kind of wax paper. After that, I crumpled paper to create wrinkles and break the coating in the glassine. Finally, I stamped a couple of images with Stazon Black, which is a fast drying solvent-based ink. I know it’s a little complicated to explain without photo instructions step by step. Maybe you could find some tips from here by Tim Hlotz, or here by Miyake.

At the beginning, I was not sure how the paper would turn out, and I thought I might fail to create my own backing paper. I didn’t like the way my paper turned out, because it reminded me of a bunch of mold in the wall. So I almost gave up making a card with it. I have no idea why I suddenly started to think it would be interesting to make a card with this gross paper. Now I’m kind of into making my own backing paper which is unique and special.

By the way, these are the supplies that I used for altering my paper. It’s been a wonderful time to play around with alcohol inks. I think this could keep me busy this week. Hope you enjoy my cards, and try new techniques like me.
Thanks for stopping by and have a good night! Hopefully have a sound sleep with no more earthquakes!
May Park

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