Hello crafty friends! Hope your day has been fabulous! Today I’d like to share with you all my new creation which is DIY felt flower embellishment. I was so excited to make my own after I get inspired by this tutorial.

These days I’m into making felt flowers more and more. It is very easy to create them. But once you have made a few, you’ll realize how adorable they are and why I’m addicted to making them.


To start with, I needed five semi circles for each flower. The next step was to sew them together with a cotton thread. Lastly, I took the thread around to the back, sewed the first and the last petal together, pulled out the thread, and then tied a knot.

These felt flowers are such lovely embellishments for canvas bags, baby shoes, corsages, and any kinds of hair accessories, etc. I had so much fun making these and came up with tons of new ideas. Hope you get the chance to play with felt or fabric and make some yourself.

Thanks for stopping by and have a good night!

May Park

6 thoughts on “Felt Flower Embellishments

  1. Hi May

    These little felt flowers are so beautiful.

    Unfortunately though, as they are not made using any paper they are not eligible to enter the Make It Monday linky party. The theme is always anything goes but it is only for papercraft.

    Kind regards
    Michelle :o)

  2. Love Love LOVE these!!! Having another little girl any day now and I can’t wait to have my two girls wear these…THANK YOU!!!

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