Happy Thursday, all y’all! One of my New Year’s resolution is taking as many online card-making classes as I can. So I started the Clean and Simple Card Making class a couple of days ago. Now I have finished two lessons. I feel so great taking the class so far. The only concern I have about my academic journey is that it may take me a long time to complete 15 lessons. Because I want to make my own cards right after each class.



Here are my cards following Kristina’s first sketch after the lesson, Day 1-Simple Sketches. They are kind of dark and heavy, since I chose the wrong card stock. It was also challenging for me to try the masking technique. I definitely need more practice with it.


Then, I tried another card which is slightly different from the original sketch. I like this card more than the others.


Here is the last card I share with you today. As you see, it ended up being a Valentine’s card for my hubby. Of course he loved it. 😉

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you have a great day!

May Park

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