Happy April! I’m hoping you had a wonderful Easter, spending time with your family and friends. A couple of months ago, I purchased a ton of felt sheets from Michaels at 20 cents a sheet when they were on sale. Since then, I always end up making felt accessories for headbands or hair clips, when I’m not in the mood for anything creative.


Yesterday was a day when I couldn’t come up with a good idea for card-making. Then I was eager to cut my felt sheets into pieces and make something. So predictable! Yes, I ended up with bow hair clips again, since they are so easy to make. Just followed the steps which I already knew well enough. While playing with felt, I felt so relaxed with no pressure to be creative at all. 😉


Tomorrow I’m going to send them to my nieces in Seoul, South Korea. I hope to see them wearing the hair accessories that I made. I’m 100% certain they would look so cute and lovely with bow clips in their hair.


What do you think? I just love these! Especially the pearls that look so elegant on the hair bows. FYI, every photo on this post was taken with my brand new camera which is a Nikon D7100.

Hope you enjoyed my post today, thanks for stopping by blog.

May Park

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