3 thoughts on “DSCF3321

  1. Hello

    I don’t understand, how you made the stamp? There’s a picture of pice of wood and a little picture of flower and the word ‘hello’ on it

    How the picture remove to the fabric?
    I would love to get an anser.

  2. Sorry, I don’t exactly understand what you’re asking. The wood-mounted stamp and the stamping that I stamped onto the fabric weren’t same one. Sorry for making you confused.

    1. Hai may

      I will try to ask again, and please forgive me about my English… I’m from Israel.

      What I wanted to know is how you print/ copy/ stamp the little flower with the word
      ” thank you”? Is it ink? Is it spacial print papar? I ask you because I want to make my own fabric label with my name for my sewing project and I love your idea above.
      I will aprichiate if you can axplain me the prosses you made.

      Thank you for your insparation

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