Hello crafty friends! Today I spent some time to try out making DIY fabric hangers that I’ve been yearning for. Fortunately, they turned out beautifully even though it was my first attempt. Here’s a look at my first DIY hangers.


I used floral jelly roll strips from my stash to wrap around the hangers. The process was pretty simple to manage. But it was a time-consuming job and my fingers got tired quickly. LOL!


To start out, I got a six-pack of plastic hangers at Dollar Tree. It only cost me a dollar. What a good price! To make the wrapping easier, I cut off the small hooks inside the hanger, using a nipper. Then I sliced the jelly roll strip in half lengthwise, which yielded 44″ length x 1.5″ width. After that, I began wrapping the strip very tightly around the hanger so that the fabric wouldn’t come loose. I secured the fabric with some score tape on the initial and final wraps and a couple of points in between.



I love the way they turned out. The floral patterns give my hangers a refreshing and vigorous feeling. And the short loose threads look so natural and lovely! They will brighten up my closet for sure. By the way, to make my own fabric covered hangers I got inspired by this tutorial from Pie N’ The Sky.


I hope you enjoyed viewing the hangers and you find a little bit of inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a good night!

May Park


13 thoughts on “DIY Floral Fabric Hangers

  1. Lovely! They’re adorable.

    One question, though, securing with tape at the beginning and at the end, was that enough to make the fabric stay in place?

    1. Oh, I forgot to add one more step I did. I secured the fabric with some score tape on the initial and final wraps and a couple of points in between. Thanks for asking me.

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