Hello, and welcome to the Celebrating Parents card drive blog hop. If you came from the amazing Aga’s blog, you are right on track! Today the design team girls are sharing some fabulous projects using new stamps to support seniors who are in nursing homes or shelters.


Altenew is donating 20% of all profits from these stamp sets to support seniors. You can find more details about the card drive HERE and I hope you can join this great cause by sending handmade cards.

Distress Ink Watercoloring_Altenew_FathersDayCard

I created a Father’s Day card using the Best Dad stamp set. While I was making this card, I wished I could send it to my dad. It’s been 12 years since he died unexpectedly. I wasn’t close to my dad at all and I wasn’t a sweet daughter either which I deeply regret.

Distress Ink Watercoloring_Altenew_FathersDayCard

Since I’m into watercoloring these days, I decided to go out of my comfort zone by trying new watercolor medium which is Tim Holtz Distress Inks.

To be honest, I almost gave up and went for Copic coloring. But I’m glad that I stuck with watercoloring until I finished my card. That doesn’t mean that I love how it turned out, though.

Distress Ink Watercoloring_Altenew_FathersDayCard

I made a video tutorial to show you how I created my watercolor card. You can watch the video here or in HD on YouTube:

Giveaways: There are two ways to win!

  • Altenew is giving away TWO $50 gift certificates to the Altenew store. Please leave a comment on the Altenew blog by Friday April 8th for a chance to win.
  • And there is more! I have a gift certificate to give away for one winner$30 gift certificate to Altenew. Please leave a comment below, telling me your best memory of your father. I will announce the winner in this post on Sunday, April 10. Good luck!

Distress Ink Watercoloring_Altenew_FathersDayCard

It is now time to head on over to the talented Lydia’s blog to see what creation she has to inspire you all. I am sure she has something amazing made up. Thanks so much for stopping by. Happy hopping!

Giveaway Winner (Edited to add) 

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 1.55.00 AM

Congratulations, Kathy! Please email Altenew at winner@altenew.com to claim your prize with a subject line : Celebrating Parents Card Drive Blog Hop Winner from May’s Blog.

131 thoughts on “Video: Altenew – Father’s Day Card w/ Watercoloring

  1. Your card is so Fabulous May ..So glad you decided to stick with watercoloring for this.I love the way it’s turned out 🙂
    My Favorite memory with my father is spending quality time with him during my kids vacations.

  2. I like how you combined all those images and unified it with the soft watercolors. Very nice.

  3. My best memory is of my father r
    Taking my 1 year old son around town and showing him all the shops and what people do, it was amazing to watch his patience and love

  4. This is a lovely card. I am glad you stuck to it! And I am glad there is a set for dads. I also lost my father very unexpectedly several years ago to a heart attack. Now I watch my daughter with my husband and it brings back so many memories!

  5. Love your card. Both my husband and father in law are handymen, so this stamp set will make perfect father’s day cards for them. My favorite memory of my dad is the numerous summers I spent working at his landscaping business during high school and college.

  6. I like your card very much and thinking of my dad made me smile. He’s been gone 4 years now. Sitting on a bench looking at the ocean and eating an ice cream with my dad and brother and sisters.

  7. I worked in my father’s business for many summer vacations. I so appreciated the gentle instruction he gave.

  8. Amazing card! I am.lucky that my dad is still with me. My favorite memory so far is when he handed me a real pearl necklace for me to wear on my wedding day and told me how beautiful I was and how proud he was of me.

    1. Hit the ‘post’ button too soon! I want to share a story about my Dad! He was my stepfather since I was just 6 years old and I considered him my Dad. He took me to the father-daughter dinner dance at my school when I was in grade school. We had a wonderful time and it was so special to me.

  9. I love ur video tutorials. As I am a beginner I found you helped me. An you r courageous for sharing ur inner thought in public with a open heart.

  10. What a great card for dear old Dad. My dad is 92 and 20 years ago, he and I worked on redoing a house I bought after my divorce. Such a good time and he taught me how to fix things and be more independent. He even bought me a riding lawnmower so I could take care of my big yard.

  11. Hello May! I’m glad you stuck it out, what a fun card! I love your candidness regarding your dad and relationship. I’m sorry for your loss. It’s been 15 years since my dad has passed and I miss him. Some of these elements from this stamp set are perfect for him and put a smile on my face. I’ll be creating a few cards from this stamp set for the card drive. What a worthy cause. Thank you all for sharing your talents.

  12. My father used to come up with the most simple but fun things for us to do in the summer. He taught us how to take a leaf and use that as a wrapper and put some little seed or a feather or even a cherry pit from under the cherry tree in the wrapper and secure it with a pine needle. Then we would present each other with these lovely “green” gifts. He also taught us to make jewelry from the clover growing in our lawn.

  13. Great father’s day card May! I loved making my dad sandwiches and tucking little notes inside..We still laugh about the one note that got eaten..before being read!

  14. Terrific card, full of
    fun! My fave moments
    with my Dad was when
    he took me hunting with
    him and my brother didn’t
    get to go as he said if I went
    he wouldn’t! Dad and I had
    a lot of fun, didn’t shoot
    anything, but saw a huge
    fenced area that was for
    Elk. Got to have dinner in
    a fancy RV that parked
    next to our camper too.
    Carla from Utah

  15. Hey May, this card is fabulous for Dad and I love the PP you designed (in fact, I love all the PP you design). My father left when I was 12 and to be honest, I don’t really have a “happy” memory of him. It is very sad, of course, because I often wondered how is it possible for a parent not to love their child, but as I’ve always said, I had the best Mom in the world (whom I lost 20 yrs ago) who was my best friend and whom always told us (myself and 2 brothers) that she “loved us twice as much!

    Thanks May for your contribution to this important cause!

    Gentle hugz

  16. My dad recently passed so there are so many, but what always brings a smile was his sweet tooth and how he’d grin like a little kid when I bought him goodies.
    Love your card!

  17. Beautiful card, May! Love the colors you chose.

    A favorite memory I have is the time spent with my dad on a very long road trip as I was moving out of state (1200 miles away) for school. To this day, I smile whenever I see Twizzlers and Diet Pepsi together since that was my dad’s snack and beverage of choice for the road trip. Thanks for the chance to go back in time and think as it’s given me some ideas for a Father’s Day card this year!

  18. Very cute card ! Thanks for sharing your card and the difficulty you have while doing it. It seems so easy watching videos done that I feel very uncomfortable when I face difficulty trying to do what I have seen. It helps a lot !

  19. I have many best memories with my dad. I was daddy’s girl and we were really close. One of my favorite memories was for my 9th birthday, my dad surprised me with birthday cake at night & we celbrated my birthday on the beach.

  20. First of all, your card looks amazing! Hmmm… My biological father passed away couple of years ago. Him and I didn’t really have a great relationship as I was always just too scared of him. However, he took me to fishing trips since I was around 3 years old. I loved going fishing with him and my brother. I really miss fishing for hours under the sun, and fishing at night looking at the stars and eat cup ramyun! Lol!

  21. Lovely Father’s Day card. Great use of all the masculine images. My favourite memory of my father is him taking us for drives to the country at every opportunity and all the different camping trips.

  22. Always looking for new ways to make masculine cards, yours is stylish and a definite cherished fathers day card.

  23. Wonderful card. I like all the images you used and your coloring. My fave memory is the fun we had going to the football games at my high school.

  24. Beautiful Father’s Day card. I like the multiple elements stamped and colored on the front. My favorite memory of my father, who passed away 2 years ago from cancer, was riding in the pickup truck with my dad. The truck was his favorite vehicle and when I was a child, it was a treat to ride in it as it only seated 2 people (and we have 4 in our family). That meant I had some nice “one one one” time with my dad. Brings a smile to me even now…

  25. Such a lovely card! I remember my dad best as my favourite storyteller growing up. He would always tell me stories of his childhood to put me to sleep. And of course it always ended with a long, gruesome Q&A session!

  26. Oh your card is so wonderful!!! I had the best father who has passed away but I still can hear him ask if this was his darling daughter whenever I would call him on the phone:)

  27. GREAT card!!!!! My dad is awesome and even though he has a busy demanding job he always makes time for all of us,We are his priority:)

  28. The coloring on this card is beautiful!! Don’t be too hard on yourself, sweetie. ❤ I have issues with my father, too, but relationships are always a two-way street, right? At least I’ve come to this way of seeing it. I had to think a bit for a very happy memory … I always loved when the two of us played Mastermind (a board game) together! 🙂

  29. Great card. I think the distress watercolouring is lovely. I think you are being a bit too critical. My favourite memory with my Dad is of us working together to build my first car. Working on the engine, doing the body work and painting. I always loved doing garage work with Dad.

  30. Wow! This is one stunning coloring with distress ink card! Love how you created your background, fun and cool! It tells so many things about Dad for sure 🙂

  31. My dad loved flowers and had the most beautiful flower beds. He spent hours amending the soil, planting, weeding, feeding and enjoying time outdoors. I loved learning about annuals and perennials and all of the ins and outs of gardening from him.

    Your card is such a fun one – any dad would love to receive it!

  32. May, your cards are always great and this one is no exception. Any Dad would love it!
    I totally enjoy watching your videos and even my young grandsons come running when they hear your music! LOL Such a fun tune.

  33. Very nice card, so many of the elements on it remind me of my dad. He liked to build things, loved coffee and I loved to watch him shave in the mornings, sadly he passed away 32 years ago but I’ll always have the memories!

  34. Great card! And a fave Dad memory, Im gonna go with one of my little boys with their Daddy (I dont have a relationship with own) – I just love watching them playing together, especially on the beach where they ALWAYS dig a big hole 🙂

  35. What a great watercoloured collage look you created on this card. My favourite memories are of my Dad reading stories to my kids.

  36. Love the video tutorial! So many sparkle-tastic stamps and sentiments! Love the cause senior cause donation aspect, too. I was raised by my grandparents and they are the reason my sister and I survived! Greatest generation! Thanks for the opportunity to win some goodies and see other designers projects in the hop!

  37. Really adore this fun Father’s Day card! My favorite memory of my Dad was going fishing with him!

  38. My Favorite memories of my Dad was when we would go hiking and he always had to wander off the path, which would lead to us getting lost at times. My brother and I still laugh about this.

  39. FABULOUS card May – LOVE your collage of images and colours!!! … my Father still uses a brush like the one in this set, I can almost smell his aftershave as I type!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your INKY INSPIRATION and video – I’m IMPRESSED with how you stamped SO MUCH at once with the MISTI and how PRETTY the Distress Inks can be, I also appreciate that you shared that things didn’t work perfectly the 1st time, it will help me persevere more when I struggle next time 🙂
    My favourite memory is such a challenge to choose, so I will share a recent one that we were talking about together. My Father taught me how to drive and he was so STRICT with PERFECTING everything, insisting that I learn in a manual car. I spent so much time practising my reverse parking but when it came for my driving test I didn’t even have to reverse park. It’s a valuable skill that I have kept since then, even though it wasn’t needed on the day I got my licence to drive => THANKS Dad 🙂

    1. PS – Sending {{{HUGS}}} your way – loss is always a challenge and it is difficult to not have regrets. I feel that all the challenges we face in life are what help make us be a better person and I KNOW you put SO MUCH HEART into your creations!!!

  40. what a wonderful father’s day card! I lost my dad unexpectedly 26 years ago… still miss him! some of my favorite memories of my dad are all the jokes and funny things he used to say!

  41. Love your masculine collage, May, and for such a good cause! So sorry you’re dealing with regrets but know there are lots of people in this world that don’t/didn’t have a good relationship with their parent(s). Both of mine lost their cancer battles years ago, and I miss them every day. My Dad will always be remembered for his delicious Tom and Jerry’s at Christmastime and his campground cooking on his specially-made gas stove. So glad are seniors will be the happy recipients of this drive!

  42. Wonderfully, fun card! So colorful and bright! Love the watercolor! Great job! Luckily, my dad is still in good health at 86. Some of my best memories are our summer and weekend camping trips while growing up.

  43. Its so wonderful to see how everyone has a totally different style and how you can create a different look with the stamp set. Love your cards and your videos! thank you so much for all the inspiration!

  44. Beautiful card with a great technique, my father is a great cheff and I always remember his nice cuisine and the way I learn how to cook watching at him. Thanks Dad!!

  45. Great card and video. These images are great, and love how you created the overall background with them. Thanks!

  46. Some of my best memories are when we would go motor cycle riding together. He had two motor cycles and when I would come home for a visit we would hop on the two of them and go riding together. I loved it.
    Great card. I would have been proud to be able to give him a card like the one you make.

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