Hello, and welcome to the Simon Says Stamp Masterpiece Box blog hop. If you came from the amazing Kelly’s blog, you are right on track!

Today the design team girls and guests are sharing some fabulous projects to celebrate the release of Masterpiece Box and I’m so excited to be part of this special blog hop.

Watercolor Handmade Birthday Card

I created a watercolor birthday card using the Floral Frame stamp set from Altenew included in the Masterpiece BoxIf you want to buy this stamp set separately, you need to wait until Altenew releases the stamp set in October. 

1_353982_FS“We’ve been working on coordinating this Masterpiece Box for about 8 months. It’s been a labor of love. The fact that so many companies were willing to release their product alongside other manufacturers shows the strength and cooperation in our industry. Aaron from Hero Arts has been known to say “The rising tide lifts all boats” and I totally see his point.

The Masterpiece box features 15 products from 10 different manufacturers and is about about bringing something super special and exciting to market. The Masterpiece Box features new releases from many of the industries finest brands!” – Heidi Crowl, founder of Simon Says Stamp

Altenew_Watercolor Handmade Birthday Card
Celebrate, Smile, I Love YouGarden

These are a few watercolor cards that I created for the last few months. When I don’t have any ideas for my card design, I tend to go through my old cards and take some layout and colors from them. That’s exactly what I did for today’s card. 

Watercolor Handmade Birthday Card

I went kind of messy for my card today. I’m still not sure if I should have left my background clean without ink splatters. What do you think?

Watercolor Handmade Birthday Card

It took me about 40 minutes to color entire images. I watercolored my images with patience and repeated the process of adding colors over and over to give them depth and interest. 


● How to Make a Watercolor Card using Masking Technique ●

  1. Stamp the images from the Floral Frame stamp set from the Masterpiece Box on a piece of Arches cold pressed watercolor paper with Hero Arts black ink.
  2. Stamping the same image on a post it note and cut it out with scissors to create a mask.
  3. Mask off the images along the way you stamp the images until you finish your stamped background.
  4. Watercolor the images with Gansai Tambi 36 watercolor set.
  5. Add some ink splatters using watercolor paints, Perfect Pearl, and Hero Arts Unicorn white spray.
  6. Mount the watercolor panel on a foam sheet using Be Creative double sided tape and adhere the panel on a A2 sized top folding card.
  7. Finish off the card with some Sparkling Clear Mix sequins from Pretty Pink Posh.

Watercolor Handmade Birthday Card

I made a video tutorial to show you how to make this watercolor card from start to finish along with lots of tips. I also filmed a behind the scenes video you won’t want to miss. You can watch it below or on my YouTube channel. Hope you find it helpful.

● Giveaway ●

I’m giving away a $25 gift certificate to one lucky winner, sponsored by Simon Says Stamp. Leave a comment below and tell me what your desk or craft space look like at the moment. If you watch my video above, you’ll know why I’m asking this question.

The winner will be picked randomly from the comments left on my blog and the winner will be announced on Monday, July 18th over on the Simon Says Stamp blog.

It is now time to head on over to the talented Nina’s blog to see what creation she has to inspire you all. I am sure she has something amazing made up. Thanks so much for stopping by. Happy hopping!

● Supplies ●

Pretty Pink Posh Sparkling Clear Mix
Pretty Pink Posh Sparkling Clear Mix
Shop at:
Be Creative Double Sided Tape
Be Creative Double Sided Tape
Shop at:
Mini MISTI Stamping Tool
Mini MISTI Stamping Tool
Shop at:
Simon Says Stamp Masterpiece Box
Simon Says Stamp Masterpiece Box
Shop at:
Arches Cold Pressed Watercolor Pad
Arches Cold Pressed Watercolor Pad
Shop at:
Zig Kuretake Gansai Tambi 36 Color Set
Zig Kuretake Gansai Tambi 36 Color Set
Shop at:
Hero Arts Unicorn White Spray
Hero Arts Unicorn White Spray
Shop at:
Hero Arts Dye Ink Pad Black
Hero Arts Dye Ink Pad Black
Shop at:
Silver Black Velvet Brush
Silver Black Velvet Brush
Shop at:
EK Success Cutter Bee Scissors
EK Success Cutter Bee Scissors
Shop at:
White Fun Foam
White Fun Foam
Shop at:
Tim Holtz Tonic Paper Trimmer
Tim Holtz Tonic Paper Trimmer
Shop at:

399 thoughts on “Simon Says Stamp Masterpiece Box Blog Hop + Giveaway + Behind the Scene Video

  1. Like the watercoloring & paint splattering.
    Have a Bee-utiful day!
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

  2. Oh man, my desk is super messy. Scraps of paper everywhere, like I just have enough space to work, but literally everything I use daily is just cluttered right on top. My stamp blocks and my versamark ink and foam tape. Thank you for the card, paint splattering is always a good thing!

  3. My desk is also messy most of the time. Your card is beautiful. I love water coloring and flowers when I make cards so this is perfect combo for me. thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Beautiful card, you made the process look so easy. My desk is messy at this moment because I was creating for my DT obligations to get ahead because my husband was sick. I haven’t went back to clean it up since he passed away, but eventually I will. I prefer a clean desk to start with though, I do better when things are tidy. Hugs, Brenda

  5. Beautiful card May – thank you for the video! What clarity you have in your video ( yay, for the iPhone)!
    My desk a the moment is fairly tidy – because I have been at work all week (Might be a different story tomorrow)!

  6. Absolutely love your card & I really think the splatters “makes it”, there is so much dimension & life to it!

    1. (Got cut off somehow) My desk space is a complete mess because I only have 5-10 mins at a time to do anything but I much prefer it clean & tidy 😉

  7. Love the card! Thanks for the inspiration. It’s so simple yet so fun. I like how your crafting space is set up to have everything reachable. My whole livingroom is my crafting space (I live alone in an apartment) and everything is so spread out. When I’m done with a project, my table is not the only messy thing and the whole space looks like it was hit by a tornado 😝

  8. Loved your video and working progress … and your messy desk! lol I try to clean up my desk after every card (or 2 or 3), but it just doesn’t always happen. I just did a cleaning up of the whole area a week ago so it’s not too bad at the moment. Beautiful card … I love the splatters!

  9. Watercoloring is making such a comeback and having it become front and center in card making with stamps & dies is just amazing! Thank you!

  10. Great job on the cards, May! It’s good to know that such good results can come from a bit of a mess. No, I don’t clean up my workspace when I finish a project, and mine could rival yours for messiness! Part of it is being a visual person and I like to have what I need conveniently at hand. Oh, well, I love making cards and blessing lives with them and that’s what matters most. Thanks so much for sharing with us and for being a part of yet another exciting hop and giveaway.

  11. Your card is stunning! Only one word to describe my crafting space: disaster! Organizing on today’s schedule, because I can’t find anything, even though my space is teensy!

  12. Thanks for the video! Love the card. Think I would prefer a white background on this one. I love seeing your messy desk 🙂 I try to clean mine in between projects but there are always some supplies hanging around. While creating though my space looks similar.

  13. Your card is lovely, and your video is full of great tips! Thanks for sharing your craft space, it looks a little like mine:)

  14. My desk is a MESS! But it is so colorful 🙂 I LOVE all your inks and paints and markers- Beautiful card- I need to try that Arches paper, it seems to be many crafter’s favorite brand- thank you!

  15. My desk is currently half messed up as I haven’t cleaned it up from yesterday’s work. Loved your card! First one I’ve seen with that Altenew stamp set which I love.

  16. Beautiful! Unlike my work area…lol! I only clean up my craft area periodically so I can spend more time crafting! 🙂

  17. I love the splatter. Brings some depth to the card and just the right additional color. Your cards are beautiful!!! God Bless

  18. Beautiful card…awesome watercoloring as usual!! My desk looks like a hot mess right now. I really need to get it in some kind of order today so I can try & create tomorrow!!

  19. I’m so glad this hop led me to you. These cards really inspire me. I’m obsessed with the garden one.

  20. Beautiful card! Love your water coloring. Thank you for sharing your talents and giving all of us so much inspiration!

  21. Your time was well spent, the card is beautiful! It would probably look just as good without the splatters but I like them. Thanks!

  22. Beautiful cards love the colors. At the moment my craft/desk space is a bit of a mess. Was working on organizing some new stamps when I got interrupted by my little ones.

  23. I always leave my crafting area a complete mess. I have learned a messy desk is a sign of genius……At least that’s what I would like to believe.

  24. Oh my goodness, I love this card! Thanks for sharing!
    Currently, I am in between houses so I’m staying with my parents (childhood home!) with limited luggage space and even more limited supplies 😛 I’ve got two drawers full of sequins, paper, stamps, and ink, then two suitcases with parts filled in with stamping tools, adhesives, and more paper. Haha you could say that I re-bought all my necessary supplies while my actual craft material is in storage!

  25. May, I always look forward to your wonderful cards! Keep up the good work.
    I love the splatters. Normally I like clean backgrounds like you, but I am learning to love the splattered look.
    PS to your video question: My crafting desk is messy at times and there is no room to push things out of the way, so I craft in my kitchen or living room at times 🙂

  26. Lovely card. I particularly enjoyed how you stamped the flowers to corner frame the card. Well done. I pinned to my SSS board.

  27. May – this is stunning!! I love the splatters you added as they add so much visual interest and texture to your card.

  28. I am going to have to try the masking technique. You can extend the use of your stamps and create an amazing design. Thank you for sharing.

  29. Beautiful cards and I love your watercoloring. Flowers are my favorites… well, along with butterflies.
    My creative brain works best in a messy space too! I try to be neater and more organized, but it never lasts for long. I’m doomed to be a messy crafter. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  30. Love the splatters! They remind me of pollen, which reminds me of spring and as I’m in the southern hemisphere, it’s currently winter here. Thanks for the reminder that spring will be here soon ^_^

  31. Since you asked, my work space looks like a Hurricane blew through and it’s going to have to stay that way until I get motivated to clean it up, which I AM NOT, at the moment. I love this stamp set and the the way you’ve left spots of white throughtout your painting.

  32. Beautiful card!! My desk, at the moment, is quite clean!! But just like you, I typically work in a mes. It had gotten to the point I had to stop and clean my entire craft room before I could go on!

  33. My desk gets pretty messy, and I can work around the mess for awhile but sometimes I just have to stop and put everything away and start all over.

  34. Love your cards and watercoloring is so popular now. I need to practice, practice, practice so that I am happy with it. thanks for sharing.

  35. A truly lovely card! thank you for sharing the masking process, as I’m always confused when trying to overlap stamps without all of the lines showing. And, I think the splatter is a nice effect!

  36. My desk is a complete and total mess right now! It’s usually a little messy, but it’s out of control right now.

    I love the ink splatters on the card. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

  37. From one messy crafter to another, “I love the splatters”. Your desk look like mine and I do the same as you by leaving everything on my desk from the present project. Only thing though, I am not even half the artist that you are, but I did love your project, loved you tips and loved Altenew. Oh, of course, loved the splatters. Thank you for sharing…

    1. Drat! Forgot to add (because I’m so embarrassed!!) that my desk is almost completely covered with my crafty stuff! I have just about enough space to work!! ‘Messy’ isn’t the right word – I think ‘mayhem’ suits better!! X

  38. Love watching your masking technique. My desk mess has spread throughout my craft room I’m afraid.

  39. I love the splatters. As the queen of craft multi tasking, I have so much random stuff on the desk. I have even expanded to the kitchen. Who cooks anyway? Better for crafting.

  40. Such a gorgeous card – and I really like the splatters. You are brave to show your desk. Mine is so messy I am down to about a 6 inch square working area! Will have to clean soon 😦

  41. I love the flower stamp – your card is beautiful. My desk …. kinda picked up right now as I have been too busy the last couple days to craft. I am going to change that tomorrow!!!

  42. Hallelujah! Someone else with a messy desk! Every time I clean I don’t want to mess it up again. Your card was lovely!. I liked the splatters they worked.

  43. I think the splatters add to the interest of your beautiful card! Right now my craft space is okay because I just did some organizing. But when I start on a project my work space is full of stuff. But I work best with everything out.

  44. Your watercoloring is lovely and so are the cards you made.
    As far as the craft space, my table is a MESS right now. But I just got some new containers that I am hoping to use to better organize the things I use and make the space more useful and less stressful.

  45. Thanks so much for your video and all your tips! I love your card and actually my craft room is rather a mess at present ‘cos I did some creating yesterday 🙂

  46. My craft area is a huge mess. I’m working on 3 cards and stuff for my granddaughter’s birthday party. I love it tho.

  47. I’ve been thinking about getting some watercolors, and now I think I need the ones you used. The colors are so vibrant!

  48. I like the spatters on your card and don’t think it’s too much. However, I know what you mean because sometimes I want my cards to be cleaner looking without spatters. I do think the watercolor look is great with spatters. As for my desk, I clean it up after I finish, but while I am working, it looks like a disaster area. 🙂

  49. I like the splatters with the card because it adds to the celebratory feel for a birthday greeting 🙂 Thanks for showing your tornado hit desk 🙂 Mine is usually like that too but right now it’s clean because I had to use my cutting mat to cut some fabric and it was a big piece so everything had to be put away.

  50. Lovely card… I’m loving the watercolor look lately so your card is one of my favorites today… Thanks for sharing and have a great day! 🙂

  51. I love this card! I think adding the splatter and the darkness was definitely the right choice. As for my crafting space… I try to clean it at the start of each new project so that I can begin with a fresh desk, but I’ll admit that doesn’t always happen. I just finished a series of 7 cards last night and was planning to go tidy after this blog hop, but after all this inspiration, I think I’ll just jump right back to crafting. Thank you for sharing!

  52. So very lovely! Your card is gorgeous! My desk is currently tidy as I have just done a big clean up in preparation for some more creativity. With such fantastic inspiration on this hop I don’t think that will be a problem.

  53. Love the card and the messy craft desk. I’m always in the middle of somethīng so it’s always messy around here.

  54. I love how you colored your flowers and admire your patience of spending 40 mins coloring them! Awesome job. TFS

  55. Very pretty card – I like the spatters in the background and the added dimension it gives ! Thanks for sharing !

  56. What gorgeous flower
    cards you have made!
    My desk area looks
    pretty good right now.
    Haven’t been doing
    anything for a few days.
    Carla from Utah

  57. You are always always such an inspiration! ❤️❤️❤️ My craft table is currently very neat and tidy!! Surprisingly! I normally work in my own mess but recently have been taking a little break. after watching your video I feel like I should get back to making my craft room messy again!

  58. Absolutely 10 projects going at one time!!! Pens, paints, watercolors, stamps, and the new KINDNESS die from SSS 🙂

  59. I think your card is beautiful and wish I could watercolor better than I do. I will keep practicing if I get the chance. Have a new puppy and she is not giving me a chance to do much right now. I have a very messy craft room and every time I try to get it organized, I get a little overwhelmed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  60. Beautiful, beautiful card!! I love the background, with the splatters. My craft room is usually pretty messy but today I spent several hours cleaning and organizing. Thank you for the great video and inspiration!

  61. Sadly at the moment, my craft area is all put away due to guests needing to use that room for their stay. This kit is making me want to get my hands dirty!

  62. This is my favorite of the stamp sets offered and you used it in a different way. Thanks foe sharing how you colored it

  63. Such a beautiful card, Inalways love your watercolouring. I tried to tidy my desk yesterday and then created a new mess at it again all over last night, but I can still see my carpet so that’s pretty good.

  64. Love your water coloring! To be honest, my crafting desk doesn’t exist. I have my supplies stored all over in a room, and when I want to make something, I try to set something up either on my bed, or on a folding chair. I am going to try using an art board to help with that, since the angle can get kind of strange sometimes…. So I guess it is kind of organized (my current project is getting organized and taking inventory of what I have).

  65. I have a tiny craft desk so I have to clean everything after finishing my proyect. But if I had a bigger desk I know it would be very messy. By the way, very beautiful card!

  66. I clap and dance when you make a video . As for my space it is like yours even if in my dreams things should be clean . Unfortunately i have so little time too many supplies and want to enjoy

  67. Looks like a box that can keep you playing for a long time! 🙂 I love watercoloring and your cards with it look great; so inspirational!

  68. May – I loved your water coloring and even with your splattering! thank you so much for sharing!

  69. Beautiful card and I love the splatters! My workspace is clean right now. I usually have to clean after each project because I don’t have very much space. I do have the same wooden cubbies that you have on your desk. Mine are just mounted on the wall above my desk.

  70. Pretty card. The splatter work well. I’m a neat freak and my space has to be clean for me to create.

  71. From one messy crafter to another, I love your card! Between my cards and scrapbook supplies, my supplies are scattered across several tables. Thank you for the extra explanations about water coloring and your favorite supplies. I like the splatters. Not sure if i should make a card or work in my garden! Thank you

  72. My craft space looks pretty good at the moment. I just cleaned it and now I am inspired to get going on a project!

  73. Love your card. So much creativity and detail. Loving this amazing Masterpiece collection too.

  74. I love Altenew stamps. These cards are great. I liked the way you colored them. My craft desk is a mess at the moment. I’m trying to get caught up on some scrapbooking.

  75. Thanks for showing the process of watercoloring and your favorite watercolor paper. I learned a lot.
    I love the colors on your card and the splatters are wonderful, too.

  76. Your masking tutorial enhances my desire to purchase this mega bundle and try to mimic your creation!! TFS!!

  77. May, you are such a talented card maker!! Love how beautiful this card is!! Love the tips you shared!! SO AWESOME!! As far as what my desk looks like right now – it looks super clean AND super lonely since I have been gone on a week long camping trip and have been unable to craft in there!!

  78. love the splatters especially on a birthday card. It looks like you’re throwing confetti. My work space is a mess. I’m trying to organize but just never get it done.

  79. My craft table is a mess again have stacks of new product that needs to get organized and put away. But instead I’m watching card videos and ohhing and ahhing.

  80. Beautiful card and I like the splatters. I usually clean when I don’t have any inspiration to create. After I start cleaning, I will find day stamp set or die or paper and i’ll feel inspired to stop cleaning and start creating.

  81. Love your floral card, and I think those ink splatters add personality to it.
    My craft space at the time is littered with cardboard pieces that I’m using to create boxes to organize my craft space 😉

  82. Love your fabulous card May! Beautifully coloured and designed. My craft space is a bit of a disaster right now as I have just been working on a card and have not had the chance to tidy up yet.

  83. Hi May ~ Your flowers are absolutely aMAYzing!! When you’re holding the paintbrush in your hand, you seem to work magic. I’ve been trying my hand at watercoloring more frequently so I’ve been making strides but I’m not where you are yet! ~HUGS~
    PS: I’m a messy crafter too!!! LOL

  84. I love Altenew stamps! Your card was so lovely. I like how you explain what you use and the process of how you make your cards. Your craft space looks fine. My craft space is messy at the moment and there many projects going on. No I don’t clean up after project.

  85. Brilliant cards… I’m only an amateur in this field so not a lot to tell about my craft area….

  86. Just beautiful, May! I love knowing how you find your color inspiration by looking back at your favorite cards. I’m inspired by your lovely watercolors. Thank you for the wonderful video, too! ♡

  87. Hello, May! Your card is beautiful! As for my workspace…its in transition right now. I am “redecorating and rearranging” my workroom to fit more stuff! But my worktable is usually a mess. I hate being cluttered and messy though it always seems to end up that way. I guess creativity comes when there is a mess because that seems to be when I do my best work. But its nice to put everything back in its place so I can find it next time!

  88. Such a pretty card! My desk and craft room are pretty messy right now. I work from piles usually, and there are a lot of piles happening!!

  89. May, your card is stunning! I always love your watercolored cards and this one is just stunning.

  90. May, your cards are beautiful & I love that your creativity comes through with a “messy” workspace. I think we are kindred spirits. At least regarding the workspace presentation :0) I only dream of being half as talented as you. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  91. You do beautiful work! I usually try to pick up after each card I make, but right now I have 3 projects going because I am making an assorted box set of cards to auction off at our church for a Benefit Fundraiser. So my craft area is a wreck any which direction you look!

  92. May,
    I love your card and thank you for the video. I so appreciate your work. As for my workspace, it’s just a fold out dinner table and the floor. When the end of the week comes I clean it up and put it away. But it is messy all week long. ;). TFS!!!!

  93. Your card is gorgeous! I think the ink splatters add a really nice touch. My crafting space is actually pretty clean at the moment – I tidied up after making a card yesterday. Thank you for the chance to win!

  94. Very nice card! I love the colors, they are so cheerful, and the splatters are nice, and do not detract!

  95. Gorgeous card just the way it is! My craft desk is covered with goodies I just purchased at the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo (I got a bit carried away, I’m afraid).

  96. I am not a big splatter fan but think your splatters added to your card. I loved watching your video and love the diagonal design you created. My desk looks 10 X’s worse than your, and I think it will never get cleaned up.

  97. My craft room is totally disorganized right now, I really want to rearrange the whole space, and I will eventually… but my life has been a series of unfortunate misadventures for awhile and the craft room has taken a lower priority………………

  98. Personally, I like the ink splatters, but even just white space would have worked with your beautiful card, May. Need to do some straightening up in my craft space but otherwise it’s not a disaster like it is sometimes.

  99. Your card is beautiful! I love the arrangement of the flowers and the beautiful watercoloring! Thanks for sharing!

  100. I love your card. I was floored to see that floral was only one stamp ! Thank you for showing your crafting area. I have to clean mine since I craft on our kitchen table. Lol! Amazing you use your iPhone to film. What do you use to edit or voice over? Fabulous job!

  101. Gorgeous birthday card! I think the splatters work great with the card & add artistic interest to your watercolored work. You managed to create so much depth with your watercoloring, I think I need to work on building layers now. My craft desk is pretty cluttered on 3 sides, with a clear space in the middle that seems to be just barely big enough to work on. :o)

  102. How pretty!! I like the ink splatters- adds character 🙂 My craft space… well I guess I’d call it organized chaos but everyone else would say that I’m a slob lol!

  103. This is my favorite card on the hop!
    Forgot to mention my craft space. We just moved to a new house, and I’m still trying to organize my craft room, which is now a bit smaller. My work table is still full of boxes to be unpacked.

  104. Loving this! So feminine yet bold too. My desk is pretty clean right now, except I’ve got a little Zig Clean Color Real Brush markers watercoloring on it with my MISTI and an AI dog Stackers stamp on it. Yeah, well, I guess it’s not too clean. LOL

  105. BEAUTIFUL card May – LOVE your flowers and design!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your video and INSPIRATION, it was wonderful watching you stamp & colour, adding layers and delicate dimension 🙂 I confess that I have been too impatient in my efforts, adding too much colour too fast, so will definitely be using a lighter touch and letting layers dry from now on!!!
    … I think our brains are tuned to the same frequency, your desk looks EXACTLY like our kitchen table did a few hours ago. It’s probably lucky that it is my creative space, as mealtimes force me into clean it up!!!

  106. I Love this! I’m just getting into watercoloring too so this video was helpful. My craft area looks like a tornado hit, too!

  107. Love your floral card! Thanks for sharing your process – I like the splatters! My craft space has to be cleaned up after each project because it is also our dining table.

  108. beautiful cards. My craft table is currently a covered mess of my last project. I will be cleaning up so my granddaughter and i can craft later today

  109. Beautiful card May…and yes, my desk is also super duper messy…I can’t seem to get a hold on it…I try to keep it clean, but it don’t happen…seems like that’s just my style I guess…and that’s how I find my inspiration, from the STUFF on my desk! Thanks for making me feel like I’m just not a sloppy crafter! Love your style by the way!

  110. I love flowers and I always have. The colors of flowers are so beautiful just like yours. I see you used yellow, which is a plus in my book because it’s my favorite color. I used to do splatter painting in high school but I never did it with a stamp, I always did it with a whole painting, not just part of it. I like how it looks though and I’ll have to try it again. I like the splatters. They add that extra something. Your cards are Hallmark ready. Actually, they are better then Hallmark! Love all of them!

  111. Color is my thing as well, the brighter the better. Your work is amazing. I will probably say this at every blog stop but I am so grateful that folks like you are so giving in sharing how you do your work. I am a complete beginner to stamping and mixed media, but have learned so much all ready.

  112. This video was great! Your cluttered desk is not a reflection of a clutter mind, but a creative one! Thank you for showing your desk area and how you film. It is inspiring and I loved your cards.

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