Hi, crafty friends! As I already told you yesterday, I stepped down from the CASology challenge design team. It has been so awesome being on the team for past one and a half years. I’ve enjoyed seeing clean and simple creations in the entries every week, and I also have met so many talented ladies through the challenges.


So today I decided to do a farewell post with my favorite cards that I made for the CASology challenge. It was interesting to look back at what I created throughout the challenges, but I had a hard time narrowing these down. Without further ado, in no particular order, here are my favorite cards of CASology creations. If you want more details of a particular card, just click on the photo of the card to go to the original post.


1. Cue Word : BOLD


2. Cue Word: STRIPE


3. Cue Word: GARDEN 


4. Cue Word: MAGIC 


5. Cue Word: JUMP


6. Cue Word: JAVA


7. Cue Word: SHAPE


8. Cue Word: GRASS


9. Cue Word: OLD


10. Cue Word: TROPICAL


11. Cue Word: SEA


12. Cue Word: KIDS


13. Cue Word: CANDY


14. Cue Word :DATE


15. Cue Word: GHOST


16. Cue Word: SNOW


17. Cue Word: STYLE

I was really inspired by my own creations while going through all the CASology posts. Hope you also had fun revisiting them with me and got some inspiration. Before I leave, I have a special giveaway for you all including my CASology fans. This is the way of my appreciation for your love, kindness, and support.

070215_giveawayI have two gift certificates to giveaway for two winners: $25 gift certificate for Avery Elle and $15 gift certificate for CAS-ual Fridays. You have until July 5th at 11:59pm PST to enter. The winner will be announced on my blog on 7th. To be eligible to win:

  • Leave a comment on this post telling me which card you like best and why.
  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel: Mayholic in Crafts.

Well, that’s all I have today. Thanks very much to all of you who have visited my blog, left sweet comments, and inspired me through the challenges. I really appreciate it! Happy crafting!

76 thoughts on “My Favorites of CASology Creations + Giveaway

  1. Your cards are really creative! I just subscribed to your You Tube channel and I think I like “Old” the best although they are all very interesting. Thanks for sharing them with us again!

  2. Wow!!! These are incredible! Def inspired after seeing these! Happy to be a YouTube follower!

  3. Love all the cards. Hard to pick a favorite but I guess I choose #11 with the penguin fishing for Christmas presents. I have seen other card makers make beautiful cards with the same stamp set but your design shows how you think outside the box. Just wonderful!

  4. I love all your cards but I’d have to say my favourite one is #5. Jump. It was just so ingenious! The design is fantastic and the way you used those mini clothespins was so clever. You and your fabulous cards will be missed at CAS-ology. 🙂

  5. What a great collection of cards….I love the Garden one the most #3…The kraft card with a peek of vibrant colours looks awesome!!!

  6. My favorite card was the penguin fishing for Christmas presents…. I made me chuckle and I am starting my Christmas cards and would love to be able to make this one 🙂

  7. I like the Stripe card – the watermelon slice – because I think it is the only one I could CASE. You are so talented!

  8. Hi May, sad to see you leave CASology. I have always enjoyed looking at your creation and during your absence when you went back to Korea…oh boy! Was I looking forward to each challenge to finally see your work! 🙂 All the best in your creative journey and of all, I love the cue – OLD. I remember you hand drew it! Love your work!

  9. i love your cards May! i am also sad to hear you’ve stepped down from CASology; they are losing such a wonderful, sweet and talented girl. I have subscribed to your YouTube channel… cannot wait to see more videos!

  10. They’re all terrific, but I like your ‘Style’ card best because you gave me the idea to make any shape mask &fill it with some of my flower stamps. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. I just recently started following your blog so I had not seen most of these cards yet. The innovative ideas really impress me! It’s difficult to choose a favorite. I really like the candy and soda bottles; simple but clever! Good luck with your new adventures!

  12. Have enjoyed seeing your fabulous creations on Casology each week May! I think my favourite is ‘jump’ – so clever. Love the first one as well…so funny!

  13. May, your work is incredible! I wish I could do CAS half as wonderful as you do it 🙂 Subscribed….happy to hear you’ll be making videos more now 🙂 My fave would be GARDEN, but it was hard to choose!

  14. My favorite card is ‘the old’ cue card. Because your idea was perfect: ‘the giving tree’ stamp and the timber annual ring. I was really happy to see your card every Tuesday morning! Thanks:)

  15. I’ll really miss seeing your posts for CASology every week, but I’m hoping you’ll still be posting on your blog : ). Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration!

  16. You are so talented and I met you thanks to CASology page so I am so happy to see all these creations together in this post. It´s so difficult for me to choose just one! Mmm… I will look at them again… (some minutes later jeje Maybe my favourite of all ot them is “Tropical”)
    Thanks a lot for your great inspiration, the chance to win this giveaway and the great opportunity to see your work throught the Youtube channel!! 🙂 Have a nice summer!

  17. I was so excited to see your first video and subscribed to your channel yesterday! I had a tough time picking just one of your fabulous cards as my favorite but I think I have to go with the JUMP card because I love how fun and creative it is and I love the added dimension you added to the card by popping all of the elements up off of the card base. So cute and clever!

  18. Oh my!!!! It is amazing flashback of absolutely adorable cards!!!! I like all of them, but style card is made my day))) so bright, stunning, trendy, I’m out of words!

  19. Love your clean style. Well, my favorite is #6. Let Love Grow, the watercolor cup and flowers. How darling. I found that I like to watercolor, too. I hopped over to your YouTube and subscribed. Now I am going back to see what I can learn from you. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Fabulous cards, my favorite is probably tropical because of all the ombre color. It really makes me think of summer time. I just subscribed to your channel, and your blog.

  21. It is hard to choose one favorite card, but I’ll try! I really liked how you colored cheese with distress inks! Thank you for quick photo tutorials, May! You are awesome!

  22. May, it is not possible to pick a favorite! I love these all so much. You have such a great eye and a wonderfully clean and graphic style! Here are my top three: Garden (love those gorgeous bright florals peeking through); Java (SO pretty!), Old, LOVE that tree trunk and the colors, and Ghost (too fun!). OK that was actually four, but seriously, all great great stuff!

  23. Thanks for all your inspiration while you were on the CASology team, and what a lovely selection of cards. I think my fave is the keyhole looking out into the flower garde, such a great idea and design. I have subscribed and look forward to watching your videos 🙂 x

  24. May, you’re such a great inspiration and an amazing crafter!!!! It’s too hard for me to choose a card, as I love them all, each has something so unique about it… I definitely was stunned by the first one #1 Bold… I think I might make one like that for my hubby 😉 ))))) and also I love love love #7 Shape… I can’t even express my feelings about this card, it just touched me and made me speechless… I love it! Thanks so much for what you do!!! Love and hugs!!! Tasha

  25. These are such amazing cards – I have always loved your style!! My favorite one of these is the girl with the rainbow umbrella above her head!! LOVE the colors and the way you have created such a adorable and endearing scene to tell someone they are beautiful!!! I think you are beautiful and YOU will be missed – good luck in your future endeavors!!!

  26. I so love your quirky, CAS style, May and always look forward to your take on the CASology word so am sorry to hear that you are stepping down! I remember all of these cards and they still make me gasp 🙂 Love the jump card because it is just genius and I love the keyhole stamp with the lovely colouring behind it. Thank you for all of the inspiration over the past year and a half.

  27. It’s so hard to choose just one, May! You’re cards have always inspired and awed me (CAS cards seem to be a challenge for me!) If I have to choose, I love the “style” card. It’s super unique, beautiful colors and just makes me happy looking at it!

  28. Really hard to pick a favorite, but #16 Cue Word: Snow really grabs me! I am partial to snowman designs and just love the way you filled in this simple shape with all the fun little images!
    I subscribed to your YouTube channel too!

  29. Your talent and creativity shine in all of these examples. It is hard to pick just one favorite so I will pick two:
    #5 jump card because it is so fun and creative. #8 Grass because I love the design and fun fold. I also love how you use smaller stamps to make shapes on several of your cards.

  30. May! All the cards are so creative! But my favorite is Jump) Why? I don’t know maybe idea?
    Thanks for your for videos. I’m just starting to make cards, and it’s really wonderful to see how miracle happens with white piece of card-stock.

  31. Wonderful cards! I love
    the last card #17 with
    the flower shoe! I
    subscribed your
    U-Tube channel.
    Carla from Utah

  32. So sorry that you are leaving the DT; to me you are a great inspiration on how a few colours and as less images as possible can make a great inpact on a card! I’ll surely will hop over here to get inspired again! Have a colourfull week!

  33. Oh May! How does one choose? I’m sorry to see you go from CAsology, but I will keep up with your work here. I guess I’ll choose #13. I always love your innovative and whimsical CAS cards. I think that is a perfect example. I happily subscribed to your YouTube channel. 🙂

  34. Difficult to choose just one … but I’d go for the last one : Style. Love the fun floral shoe you created. So light and lovely.

  35. I’m so going to miss your cards each week at Casology as your designs are not only beautiful but you always thought a bit more ‘out of the box’ like myself. How do I choose a favourite?? I always loved the flowery boot as I thought it must have taken you so long to work out how to fit all the stamps in. So glad you will still be around in blogland, would hate to miss out on what your doing next!

  36. Love your creativity; taking the cue word and doing something quite unexpected, yet keeping true to the cue word. My favorite is #13 – Candy. I love how the candy rolls out from the jar.

  37. Wow I seriously love all of your cards!!! You are so talented! I think my favorite is the jumpstart heart card! The image and sentiment are so perfectly suited. I adore the clean and simple design and the use of the little clips as jumper cables is simply brilliant!

  38. wow! awesome set of cards!! so sad to see you leave the team!! it’s really hard to pick just 1 from these!! I love the ‘snow’ one more than the others!! the style, candy, jump are also very very creative and beautiful!! I have subscribed to your youtube channel.. all the best to you!!

  39. Wow, it’s so hard to choose! I think my favorite is the “Old” card. I just really love that image and the sentiment is great! I’m following on Youtube also.

  40. May, we are really going to miss you, and now that I see all your cards again in one place, my sadness is doubled. I love them all, and perhaps the Oh Happy Day with the shoe is my very favorite. Best in everything that comes next for you, and I’ll still see you in blogland.

  41. Best wishes on your new journey. I always appreciated how you demonstrated how you arrived at your design. My favorite is the Garden card (#3). You put a great deal of work into designing and coloring your card. I will subscribe and enjoy your creativeness of YouTube.

  42. Great cards. My fave is #8. I like the scene you created and the ball of yarn.
    I subscribe to your YouTube.

  43. What a beautiful collection of cards! I enjoyed going over every one of them. Love your clever designs but my absolut favorite is the Garden! So clever!!

  44. My favorite its Cue Word: Magic. Its a different and fun way to welcoming a new baby. Otherwise your cards are so beautiful and amazing! Thanks for this opportunity.

  45. My favorite card is Oh Happy Day with the shoe because I love flowers on cards and I really liked the colors you chose.

  46. Which card do I like the most? Wow! Tough question. The reason I follow you because you have such stunning, minimalist cards. They are allways detailed and creative, but not overwhelming. They are both simple and intricate. They are the creme brule of cards.
    With that said, I’d have to say that number 8 is my favorite. It is the most interactive of all your cards and yet it maintains that classic May artistry.
    Anyway, thanks for the giveaway and for the inspiration.

  47. Number 3, your Garden card, speaks to me. I just love the simplicity of the beautiful paper behind the keyhole cutout. So very clever, as always. Thanks for the chance to win a prize; this is very generous. Best wishes as you move on to new adventures.

  48. I remember each and every one of these May! It is so nice to see them grouped together and they are individually inspiring as they were each week!
    I just subscribed to your channel and will watch the videos :). Thanks!

  49. Hello May!
    Your cards always beautiful and your ideas are amazing!
    My best card is #17 style.
    It is just beautiful and good inspiration to me.
    And it has your very own uniqueness.
    Thank you May!

  50. I love them all, May, you make such wonderful cards and the photos of them are so great. I would pick the #5 Jump as it combines both feminine (the heart) and masculine (the cables) sides. The sentiment says it all! You come up with such great card ideas, they are very inspiring.

    Love and hugs

  51. You make such amazing clean and simple cards, I adore one you haven’t listed, your recent nautical anchor card using the distress inks and the lawn fawn die cut 🙂 of the ones listed here the adorable mama elephant card prompted by ‘grass’ is my favourite 🙂

  52. I love all your cards. They’re just so exquisite, but I suppose if I have to choose a favorite of this bunch, then I’ll go with “Let Love Grow’ just because I love the flowers and the sentiment. That said, they’re all so amazingly creative and beautiful. The heel card is sublime. Thanks for always sharing your work. It’s honestly the most inspiring. This is the kind of artistry I aspire to.

  53. Hello, Sorry to see you go, but thanks for all the inspiration. The shoe card is my absolute favorite! all the attention to detail. It is really clever and makes me feel girly!!!

  54. I could say I like card #9 but the truth is I love the all. There all different but each have its own cuteness about it. Your work is always beautiful. Wish you all the best on your feature endeavors.

  55. Omgee all such great cards! You’re brilliant! I love them all, but I have to say I think that clothespin one Jumpstart ingredients a heart is amazing. I have a box of those cute clothespins but have never been able to use them for anything except packaging for gifts. 🙂 TFS & inspiring! Big hugs, Kristina

  56. You are so talented and creative! I love watching how you put your ideas down on paper. You will be missed, but I know I can find you on YouTube. My favorite? pick one? STRIPE, the color and simplicity, just great!
    Thank you for all your inspiration.

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